Our business is development, production and processing of basic industrial chemicals, special chemicals, fine chemicals, manufacture of products for retail trade.


With the appropriate development, investment and market activities we wish to maintain the leading position as basic chemicals producer in Slovenia and neighbouring countries which have no production capacities of their own. As to general consumer goods we will increase our market share by our trademarks, customer tailored products and mass products.


  • Quality
    We communicate the importance of efficient and successful management system and realization of our objectives through the obtained certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001,IFS FOOD and FAMI-QS. We guarantee the quality and safety of food, feed and other products at all stages of our business process.
  • Customer focus
    Customer satisfaction ensured by consistent high quality of our products and services is a key element of our business performance and development. Our business success and further development depend on our commitment to customer service.
  • Product requirements
    Our experience, commitment and continuous research work enables us to explore new possibilities for production and processing of our basic chemicals. The quality of our products is guaranteed by a team of highly qualified experts who use their knowledge, hard work and efforts to meet the requirements of our customers. We are aware of our social responsibilities, that is why we work in accordance to the applicable legislation to ensure the safety and quality of our feed, food and other products.
  • Environmental responsibility
    Environmental policy and MAPP are an important part of the management of our company. Our commitment to the protection of the environment is reflected in our business and strategic decisions; it is implemented by planning and conducting numerous environmental programs, monitoring and measuring all environmental impacts. Product quality and safety impact as well as environmental management is defined within the work scope of each of our employees.
  • Ethic
    We are committed to high ethical standards, as it is the only way for building trust in our business partners. We are proud to represent a company with 160 years of successful operation, which increases affiliation among employees, creativity and our willingness to work harder.
  • Employee care
    We care about raising awareness, education and training of our employees and give greater emphasis on providing effective on-the-job training. We encourage our employees to develop further and gain higher education. Furthermore, our focus towards employee satisfaction is reflected in our employee reward system.