We have been in business since 1860. Over the past century and
a half, we have been experiencing dynamic growth, advancement
and innovations, accompanied by favorable business results.



Environmental policy and MAPP form an integral role in the business management of our company. Our commitment to the protection of the environment is reflected in our business and strategic decisions; it is implemented by planning and conducting numerous environmental programs, monitoring and measuring all environmental aspects..




We classify our product groups according to three profit centres.

PC Phosphates

PC Phosphates produces sodium, potassium, ammonium orthophosphates and polyphosphates, monoaluminum phosphate, calcium phosphates (food grade, feed grade), food additives.

The STPP plant started operating in 1962, the production program has expanded during years and has oriented also in the production of various phosphate salts.

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PC Finished products

In 1970 first attempts towards processing chemistry were made by introducing cosmetics production, at first under licence agreement with French company Diparco and later we developed our own brands.

More decisive orientation towards processing chemistry was the production of powdered and liquid household agents in 1985, and few years later of laundry detergents.

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PC Chlor alkali plant

Manufacture of chlor alkali electrolysis products by the process of electrolysis of sodium chloride solution by mercury cells started in 1962. In 1966 a new, modern plant was constructed, using membrane process.

The products are manufactured by sophisticated equipment using ion selective membrane and demineralized water. These products can be employed in different fields of industry such as chemical, processing, food processing, pharmaceutical, etc.

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Our business is development, production and processing of basic industrial chemicals, special chemicals, fine chemicals, manufacture of products for retail trade..

Research & Development

Our experience, commitment and continuous research work enables us to explore new possibilities for production and processing of our basic chemicals.


We are a flexible team devoted to our clients. Our highly qualified experts are ready to advise you on your requirements and application of our products.

Quality management

Customer satisfaction ensured by consistent high quality of our products and services is a key element of our business performance and development.


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