Since 1860, our customers have been our first priority.
In a century and a half of our activity, we have
evolved dynamically, building on our solid
technological base and strengthened by
our successful business results.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental management and preventing the risk of accidents form an important aspect of the company management. The environmental goals are taken into account when taking business and strategic decisions, and are enforced through the planning and implementation of the environmental programmes and the monitoring and measurement of the environmental impacts.


Here since 1860.

Customer Service

Many satisfied customers have been with us for decades.


In-depth knowledge is the driver of our development.


At TKI Hrastnik, d.d. we develop, produce and process the base industrial chemicals, as well as special and laboratory chemicals. We also produce a wide range of products for the general consumption.


The profit centre for the phosphates (PC Phosphates) produces sodium, potassium and ammonium orthophosphates and polyphosphates, the monoaluminium phosphate, calcium phosphates (food grade and feed grade), as well as food additives.

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General consumption

We started to expand our activities to the field of processing chemistry in 1970 with the production of cosmetic products, first under a foreign license, in cooperation with French and later Italian companies, followed by the development of our own brands.

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Chlor-alkali electrolysis

The first chlor-alkali electrolysis plant was built between 1957-62, when we were renovating the plant. At that time, we still used mercury in the process. In 1996, we built a modern department for the chlor-alkali electrolysis of the sodium chloride solution, using the membrane technology.

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Our products

Advantages and qualities


Using our extensive experience, our dedication and the constant investment in research and development, we explore new possibilities for the production and processing of the base chemicals.


We are a flexible, customer-oriented team. Highly educated experts are at your disposal to introduce our products and advise on their use.


The quality of our products and services as demonstrated by the satisfaction of our customers is a key element of the company's business and development.
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Our Capabilities

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Quality. Innovation. Experience.

Since 1860, we have been striving to deliver on quality, innovation and experience, which represent our most important guidelines. If you, too, feel that these three aims symbolise the essence of your way of working and you would like to be a part of our team, please follow our vacancies and apply.

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