Industrial cleaning products

Industrial cleaning products

The hygiene-related procedures in the food industry, medical and other institutions, as well as the related cleaning processes, are gaining increasing attention. Because the requirements and needs of cleaning are so diverse, it is necessary to use specifically adapted products. For this purpose, TKI Hrastnik, d.d. has developed a varied program of cleaning and disinfecting products, using our own raw materials. The products can be used in various branches of the food processing industry, in hotels, schools, hospitals, medical institutions and elsewhere.

BRAVO FORTEA concentrated, neutral liquid detergent with a pleasant citron scent
JOLLYA neutral liquid detergent with a pleasant smell
BRAVO FORTE ECOA concentrated, ecologically neutral liquid detergent with a pleasant smell
BRAVO FOR DISHWASHERSA liquid dishwasher product containing a nonionic surfactant, sequestrants, phosphates, silicates and alkalis
BRAVO RINSE LIQUIDA dishwasher product that accelerates drying, gives a brilliant shine and regulates the pH value
BRAVO CLEARA liquid for dishwashers in restaurants, bars, hotels and hospitality kitchens
BRAVO WASHBRAVO WASH – A professional alkaline liquid dishwasher detergent that does not contain chlorine. It does not foam, is easy to rinse and can be used in dishwashers of any size.
 YOURS FRESHA perfumed hand washing liquid soap, used for filling soap dispensers
BRAVO TLAn alkaline cleaning agent, suitable for the mechanical and manual cleaning of waterproof floor coverings. Removes stubborn stains, grease, oil and old polish.

BRAVO WCA liquid cleaning agent for toilet bowls and urinals, which removes limescale and uric scale, thoroughly cleans the toilet bowl and urinals, giving them a long-lasting fresh smell, shine and freshness.
BRAVO LIMESCALE REMOVERA universal cleaning agent that effectively removes stubborn deposits of limescale, as well as calcium and magnesium stains, rust, soap residue and deposits, all without scrubbing.
BRAVO BLISA liquid multipurpose cleaning products with a pleasant smell for manual cleaning of all types of surfaces, which thoroughly removes dirt, leaves no traces and does not need to be rinsed.
BRAVO LESKA product for cleaning glass and washable surfaces, designed to leave no spots and provide shine without rinsing.
BRAVO INOXA product removing limescale, grease and other impurities from all stainless steel, chrome, nickel and ceramic surfaces.

BRAVO CLEANING PRODUCT FOR DAIRIESAn acidic cleaning product, intended for thorough cleaning of milking machines, pipelines, pools and other equipment in dairies.
BRAVO PROTECTA product used for washing the inventory, containers and products in prosthetics.
BRAVO TARPAULIN PRODUCTA liquid cleaning product for washing tarpaulins, chassis or heavily greased parts of vehicles.
CLOXA product for effective destruction of mould and algae, preventing their re-growth. Useful on walls, facades, wet surfaces, in industrial plants, bathrooms, kitchens, storerooms and basements.
BAKTOKLORA liquid chlorine preparation for the disinfection of devices and workspaces in the food industry.
BRAVO ML MIXA cleaning and disinfecting product for milking machines, milking equipment and milk ducts.
DIMOLA strong alkaline disinfectant for cleaning smoke chambers and surfaces in the food industry.
BRAVO EXTRAA concentrated powder detergent for machine washing at 30°C, 40°C, 60°C and 95°C
BRAVO PLUSA powder detergent for universal use in machine washing at 30°C, 40°C, 60°C and 95°C
BRAVO ECOA special powder from ingredients non-harmful to the environment, adapted especially for use with linen in the hospital laundry processes
JOLLYA non-phosphate universal detergent for machine washing at 30°, 40°, 60° and 95°C
JOLLY ECOA universally used, environmentally non-harmful and non-phosphate detergent for machine laundry. It is suitable for the pre-wash and the main wash of cotton and mixed fibre fabrics.
MEGAMAX 3 PHASESA universal non-phosphate detergent with a pleasant smell for machine and hand washing at 30°C, 40°C, 60°C and 95°C.
ALFA universal non-phosphate detergent with an orange scent for machine washing at 30°C, 40°C, 60°C and 95°C.

BRAVO REGULARA liquid detergent for machine and hand washing of all types of fabrics except wool, silk and curtains, at 30°C, 40°C, 60°C and 95°C
TENZID FOR WHITESA liquid detergent for machine and hand washing of all types of fabrics except wool, silk and curtains, at 30°C, 40°C, 60°C and 95°C
TENZID FOR BLACKA detergent removing all types of dirt from colour and black laundry in industrial laundries

BRAVO STUBBORN STAIN REMOVERA special concentrated liquid detergent for removing stubborn stains, used as an additive in industrial laundries
BRAVO RAPID CLEANA special concentrated alkaline liquid detergent that ensures top results in industrial laundries regardless of water hardness
BRAVO ENERGYLiquid industrial booster for removing stubborn stains such as grease, mineral oils and pigments.

BRAVO FINISHA liquid acidic agent for neutralization and pH regulation during the last rinse; with an anti-corrosive effect

JOLLY LAUNDRY SOFTENERA product softening and refining all types of laundry, having an antistatic effect and facilitating ironing.
JOLLY CONCENTRATED FABRIC SOFTENERA concentrated fabric softener for all types of fabrics, providing a pleasant, fresh and long-lasting smell.


BELKOChlorinated, basic disinfecting bleach that effectively removes protein and stubborn coloured stains.
BRAVO BELPERA bleaching product for white linen, used in catering facilities, medical institutions, spas, laundries, etc.
BRAVO BELPER 15A highly concentrated bleaching and disinfecting product that ensures a high degree of whiteness.
BRAVO PERA highly concentrated bleaching product that provides a high level of whiteness and is suitable for all types of textiles, except wool.
DISTILLED WATERDistilled water as used in irons, batteries, cooling devices, etc.
ACIDIN H10Aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid, used for cleaning, neutralization and the maintenance of pH values in the food industry
BRAVO FORTE ECOA concentrated, ecologically neutral liquid detergent with a pleasant smell for manual dishwashing


A product for dissolving limescale, used for cleaning and neutralizing metals and other materials.