Environmental responsibility

At TKI Hrastnik, d.d. we are aware that protecting the environment and caring for the preservation of natural resources is an inevitable obligation of human society. Therefore, as a chemical plant, we make sure that with the environmental policy and the prevention plan of major accidents adopted, we mitigate the negative impacts on the environment and prevent the accidents related to dangerous chemicals. The ISO 14001 certificate obtained confirms the adequacy of our environmental performance.

Handling the environment aspects and preventing the risk of accidents form an integral part of the company management. When making business and strategic decisions, we consider the environmental goals, which we enforce by planning and implementing the environmental programs and by monitoring and measuring the environmental impacts.

With a comprehensive approach to the environmental management, we follow the environmental protection policy including:

  • The production process management aligned with the environmental permits obtained.
  • Complying with the legal requirements in the field of environmental protection and other requirements of legislation in the field of chemicals.
  • Updating technological processes to align them with the most advanced technologies available.
  • Ensuring safety measures and mitigating the negative impacts on the environment.
  • Efficient management of energy and water resources.
Environmental Policy

Environmental policy

At TKI Hrastnik, d.d. we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment, which is a pre-condition for the development and the setting of course for our action, while being a part of the company’s long-term strategy.

Major accident prevention plan

Major accident prevention design

TKI Hrastnik, d.d. is classified as a plant of greater risk to the environment due to the production of chlor-alkali electrolysis, which presents a risk of a chlorine accident.
The company holds the ISO 14001 certificate, which confirms the properly implemented environmental management system and a system for the assurance of safety in preventing major accidents and reducing their consequences.

Read about our commitments and the ways of implementing our policy of protection against major accidents while adhering to our strategic goals.

Information to the public

About security measures of TKI Hrastnik, d.d. - Information for the public

TKI Hrastnik, d.d. is classified as an operator of a facility with a greater risk to the environment, in accordance with the Regulation on the prevention of major accidents and the reduction of their consequences (Official gazette of the RS, no. 22/16).

Information to the public about our security measures

Nana line of organic cleaning products

Linija ekoloških izdelkov Nana

Nana – the inspiration of nature

NANA – THE INSPIRATION OF NATURE is the name of the new ecological and yet highly effective cleaning products of Slovenian origin. They were designed by a team of Slovenian experts in the quest to create a top-of-the-range product of the highest quality for the home and laundry care.
For more than 59 years, the use of organic household products for the home and laundry care has been gaining ground. However, there is still a very high presence of detergents and laundry care products that are harmful to the environment and to human health, both with their content and the packaging. Slovenia is no exception in this regard. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE.