Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of the TKI.SI online store comply with the Consumer Protection Act and the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We advise you to carefully read the Terms and Conditions below before using the online store. By using the TKI.SI website, you express your agreement with the Terms and Conditions, respectively. If you do not agree with the terms, please do not use the TKI.SI online store. The company TKI Hrastnik, d.d. reserves the right to change the conditions on the TKI.SI website at any time. All changes are binding for the customers, therefore all buyers should review the Terms and Conditions regularly.

TKI.SI is an online store managed by the company TKI Hrastnik, d.d., a provider of e-business services (hereinafter: the seller). Upon making a purchase by filling out the form for ordering services correctly, every visitor to the TKI.SI online store becomes a user or a buyer at the same time. The terms and conditions address the TKI.SI website operation, as well as the user rights and the business relationship between the seller and the buyer.


Accessibility of information (summary of legislation)

The seller undertakes to always provide the buyer with the following information:

  • The company identity (the company name and registered office, registration number)
  • The contacts allowing for a fast and efficient communication (e-mails, telephone numbers)
  • The essential characteristics of goods or services (including after-sales services and guarantees)
  • The availability of the service (the service offered on the website should be available within a reasonable time)
  • The conditions of service delivery (including the method, place and deadline of delivery)
  • All prices should be clearly and unequivocally specified and should clearly indicate whether taxes and transport costs are already included
  • The method of payment and execution
  • The time validity of the offer
  • The complaint procedure should be clearly outlined, including all information about the contact person or customer service department.


Payment methods – payment terms

The seller offers the following payment methods in the online store:

  • Payment by pro forma-invoice to the seller’s transaction account
  • Payment by invoice to the seller’s transaction account
  • Payment by PayPal

After ordering a service in the TKI.SI online store, you will automatically receive an email consisting of an informative review – an offer, confirming the successful order.


The three methods of payment for the order placed:

  1. Payment by pro forma-invoice to the seller’s transaction account

If you want to pay for your order by a pro forma invoice, please indicate this to the seller, making a note on the order submission form, to be found in the online shopping cart. We will check how quickly the service could be delivered and send you a pro forma invoice together with this information, as soon as possible. Subsequently, the ordered service can be paid with this pro forma-invoice (by online banking, at the bank, etc.). When the payment reaches our account, we will start the process of delivering the service.

  1. Payment by invoice to the seller’s transaction account

This method of payment is based on contracts concluded and used by our regular customers, such as our business partners, as well as state and local government organizations, schools and universities, public institutions and other companies.

  1. Payment by PayPal

When paying by PayPal account, payments are made through the provider platform It is considered a safe, fast and anonymous online e-payment system, using credit cards in real time with immediate online authorization. When you choose to pay through the PayPal system, the system will redirect you to the secure page of the PayPal credit card payment system. You will fill out the payment form, and check all the specified information and confirm the payment after completing the process. Following your confirmation, the system redirects you to the TKI.SI website.


Service offer

Due to the nature of conducting business over the internet, the TKI.SI frequently and promptly updates and changes the offer. Especially the services subject to special promotions can sell out quickly; therefore, we cannot vouch that for a delivery within the deadlines. Please place your order as soon as possible for items on sale, otherwise you will be notified accordingly at placing the order.


The purchasing process

  1. Ordering and submitting the order

Placing the services to the online cart

The buyer selects the desired service, chooses the quantity, calculates the prices automatically (reduced prices apply for bulk orders depending on the purchase quantity) and clicks on the ADD TO CART button. The button is available on the web presentation of the service. Each time a service is added to the online cart, a link appears that leads to the review of the online cart and to placing the order.


Online shopping cart overview

In the review of YOUR CART, you can remove services from it and change the ordered quantity of services. In the cart overview, there is a link to the final form for placing the order, the CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT button.

Final order form

All services, their prices and the quantities are listed in the final ORDER FORM. If the buyer notices that they made a mistake when ordering services and quantities, they can return to the cart review and edit the online cart by clicking on the link “back to the cart list of services”. In the final form, the buyer chooses the method of payment, as well as the information for service delivery, and enters the personal or company information. All entry fields and drop-down menus allow for content corrections or selection changes.

Order placement

The buyer places the order by clicking on the “BUY NOW” button. For successfully placed orders, a confirmation text appears on the website after submission, and the buyer receives a listed order or purchase contract by e-mail. If the confirmation text does not appear and the buyer has not received any e-mail to their e-mail address at the same it, either there has been a technical error or the information was entered incorrectly. The process can be repeated or the buyer can contact the customer service at Please use the same contact if any errors or irregularities in the order have been observed after the order has already been placed. After placing the order, the order is placed into the seller’s order queue.

  1. Order confirmation

In the timeframe between two hours and no more than three working days from placing the order in the queue, the seller reviews the order, checks its feasibility and confirms the order or rejects it with a reason. The seller reserves the right to call the buyer on his contact phone number if necessary. The agreement on the provision of services between the buyer and the seller is concluded at this stage.


Prices and delivery deadlines

All prices in the TKI.SI online store are listed in EUR and include the value added tax (VAT).

Should a service price change during the processing of the order, the seller informs the buyer accordingly. In any case, the seller tries to the best of their ability to provide the buyer with a lower price or to offer an appropriate, mutually satisfactory solution.

Several circumstances determine the speed of the delivery of the service ordered.



The guarantee for the service delivered is valid for 14 days from the receipt of the analysis report. If the seller does not remedy the complaint within 45 days of the return it, the buyer can request a reduction in the purchasing price.


Security and the right to privacy

The company TKI Hrastnik, d.d. as the administrator of the website , is obliged to protect the personal data of its users in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The information entered in forms on (for example, first names, last names, addresses and e-mail address…) is kept for internal purposes only.

All buyers are assigned their own session cookie at the start of the session, for monitoring the shopping cart and the settings that they enter, such as the sorting settings for results or content.

We exercise all due diligence to protect your information from any loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration or destruction. The information is stored on password-protected servers with limited access. The TKI.SI online store takes all the steps to assure the security of your personal data and respects your choices regarding their intended use. Under no circumstances shall the buyers’ information be passed on to third parties. The delivery service shall only be entrusted with the buyer’s delivery address.

A form on the entry page of the TKI.SI online store allows the option of joining our e-mailing list.



The seller may contact the buyer via remote communication means only if the buyer does not expressly object to this. Advertising e-mails should contain the following components:

  • They should be clearly and unambiguously marked as advertising messages;
  • The sender should be clearly visible;
  • Various campaigns, promotions and other marketing techniques should be labelled as such; the conditions of participating in them should also be clearly defined;
  • The buyer’s wish not to receive advertising messages should be respected.



The seller makes every effort to ensure that the information published on its pages is up-to-date and correct. Nevertheless, the service prices and delivery times can change so quickly that the seller is unable to correct the information on the website. In such cases, the seller shall notify the buyer of the changes and enable them to cancel the order or replace the ordered service.


Complaints and disputes

  • The seller complies with the applicable consumer protection legislation;
  • In case of any complaints, disputes or issues, the buyer can contact the seller at Any complaints shall be submitted via the e-mail address; the procedure addressing the complaint is confidential.
  • For returns, the relevant information and detailed instructions regarding the return process are available on the website (please see the lower part/footer of the website for details);
  • The seller shall respond to all complaints by e-mail or telephone in the as soon as possible, and within the deadlines as stemming from their legal obligations depending on the type of complaint;
  • The seller is aware that a key characteristic of any consumer dispute, at least as far as judicial resolution is concerned, is their disproportion as regards the economic value of the claim and the costs incurred in resolving the dispute itself; this is also the main reason preventing consumers to initiate disputes before the court. Therefore, the seller makes every effort to resolve any potential disputes amicably.


Legal notice

The TKI.SI online store and all information displayed on the website are protected by The Copyright and Related Rights Act, and may not be reproduced or used without prior written permission.

The information about the administrator are published on the page About the company, where all contacts are listed for any communication regarding the articles of the Terms and conditions.